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Certified Landscaping in East Nashville

Our designers at Price Tree Care and Landscaping can tailor a custom design with your existing indigenous plants in mind or from the ground up. We have been in the tree care business for 23 years. We have been trusted by numerous tier 1 landscape companies throughout Middle Tennessee to manage many of their projects. Now we can manage all of the prep for a new design layout without having to outsource larger tree or stubborn hedges and shrubs removals to other companies, saving you money for the important stuff, new beautiful plants and trees! We take pride in taking your tree's and plant's overall health and future growth into careful consideration when creating your perfect layout. The relationship between your existing trees and surrounding plants is often overlooked by many landscape companies opting often to remove and replace trees rather than finding an ethical compromise. We take a different approach. The result is a hearty balance that will give you a unique and beautiful landscape unlike any other, the way nature intended.

Christopher Price is an accomplished practicing arborist with 23 years experience working with all of Nashville's vast variety of indigenous species of trees. He is also an artistic designer/landscaper specializing in outdoor and indoor plant placement and care. He's planted and cared for countless exotic/indigenous flowering and fruiting ornamental trees.

We have an array of landscape services to help you accomplish your landscaping goals to fit your budget:

  • Designing new plans for new beds
  • Designing plans for existing beds implementation our designs as well as designs you may have drawn up yourself or had drawn for you
  • Redefining and refurbishing old beds, including applying specialized nutrients to suit your older existing plants
  • Planting trees, shrubs, flowers, planting and training ivy
  • Hedge trimming and overall property maintenance

Please contact us to set up an interview to see what we can do for you and all of your green friends.

Christopher W. Price

Owner - Master Arborist - Landscape design specialist

Call us at (615) 596-9553 for a free assessment and inspection in the East Nashville area. Our tree experts are available to guide you with any decisions for safe tree removal and lot clearing at reasonable rates.